The Teachers P.E.T.™

Positive Education Technology

Where teachers learn from their students as the students learn from their teachers.

 The Teachers P.E.T.™ is a cloud based application that delivers homework created by the teacher or homework that has been provided with the application. The completed homework is submitted through electronic delivery or traditional paper. The Teachers P.E.T.™ grades and analyzes the homework by an answer sheet supplied by the teacher or the application. The homework is maintained in a cloud portal where parents, students and teachers can communicate with each other.

 Schoolhouse systems is dedicated to helping all of our children achieve their best educational success. Today’s education can be data driven “best practice” and fails to look for the qualities of how each student learns. The Teachers P.E.T.™ utilizes a strategy one room schoolhouse teachers had at their disposal: teaching the child at their own level.

 The Teachers P.E.T.™ comes in three licensing packages:
The Superintendent package supports an entire school district.
The Principal package supports an entire school
And the Teacher package for a single teacher.

Features of Teachers P.E.T.™

Homework Wizard

The teacher can create assignments within the software that require one answer, multiple/alternative answers, or other configurations to evaluate an assignment.

Homework Distribution

Allows the teacher to disseminate homework to students via paper or electronic means.

Homework Library

Specific location within the Cloud where assignments can be stored, retrieved, reviewed, and shared.

Assignment Input

Homework or classroom assignments are input into the Teacher’s P.E.T.™ web-based portal via scanned documents, email, mobile device cameras, even speech recognition software.

Evaluation Engine

Extracts answers from submitted assignments and evaluates them against predefined criteria stored during assignment creation.

Collaboration Portal

Tracks student progress and pushes the data to the instructor. Helps facilitate overall discussion of completed and ongoing assignments between the student, parents, and teacher.

Database and Reporting System

Captures homework evaluation results and demographic data for later analysis. All data can be output in a user selected format or a pre-programmed format for any evaluation need.

Authentication & Privacy Controls

Randomly generated and assigned PINs for each student, teacher, parent, and administrator insure a high level of security and privacy.

Address Book

Includes privacy-protected contact information for teachers, students, and parents.

Teachers P.E.T.™ for Administrators

Cumulative Metrics

Administrators can access data on the student, classroom, grade level, school, school district, state, and national levels .

Data Collection

Allows the administrator to objectively examine differences in textbooks, homework assignments, attendance, and many other data points.

Data Presentation

Collected data can be formatted and displayed using pre-programmed templates or outputs tailored to the exact need.

Teachers P.E.T.™ for Parents


Enhances and deepens communication between school, parents, and students by making each party aware of the students individual successes and/or needs.


Allows parents to be more "in the loop" when it comes to their childs academics.


Knowing that the teachers have the ability to track and communicate effectively with students.

The Teachers P.E.T.™ Difference

Enhanced Feedback
   Feedback is available on classroom assignments and homework by individual student, for sub-groups of students, and for the classroom as a whole.
   Enables teachers to analyze at any needed level the strength or limitation of the homework, allowing more immediate remediation of any problems noted.
   Affords teachers with the opportunity to go back and help students understand common errors they experienced in the previous day’s homework.
   Provides the teacher with timely feedback about how well they are being understood in terms of students’ success with the homework.

Comprehensive Metrics
   Teachers P.E.T.™ includes comprehensive metrics that clearly, objectively highlight student progress. Student weaknesses are clearly identified so they can be addressed.
   Data collected on students’ performance on classroom and homework assignments may be sliced and diced by teachers and administrators according to their specific needs, with pre-programmed reporting formats integrated into the software.
   Enables the user to objectively examine differences in textbooks, types of homework and classroom assignments, attendance, and other data points to determine how specific combinations of variables affect students.

Reduced Duplicity & Grading Time
   The system works to eliminate duplicative efforts in creating homework and classroom assignments by utilizing the repository of work that has already been placed in the Cloud.
   Teachers P.E.T.™ affords teachers more time to spend actually teaching and interacting with students. Since teachers are also able identify unique characteristics of each student that may indicate areas of excellence or of additional need. In turn, this allows a timely dialogue – which is possible through the secure Cloud-based portal – to be undertaken with the student and the parent.


For thirty years, the nature of my life has changed every September as I dedicated an absurd number of hours to grading papers. As my lawn went un-mowed, my house un-cleaned and my children unattended, I sifted through lines and lines of mathematics finding errors, providing feedback, and following incorrect work in effort to give some credit to students for what they did know. Very few comprehend the hours a good teacher spends grading.
      - Robin, Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Teachers P.E.T.™ is a new and innovative tool that allows me to spend more time teaching my students. The automated process streamlines the evaluation process while instantly communicating with students, parents and administration. Teachers P.E.T.™ allows me to return to the part of my job I love.
      - Gard, Middle School Teacher

A very intriguing program that should help lead to the development of more deliberate and meaningful homework assignments from teachers. The program can serve as a great tool for assigning and evaluating formative assessments that will help drive instruction for teachers. The assignments can provide teachers and administrators relevant data that documents valuable student learning is taking place. Hopefully, students and parents will realize the value of the work as a result of teacher feedback and student growth.
      - William, Middle School Principal

About Us

Over two years of visionary work has been necessary to bring the patent pending Teachers P.E.T.™ project to its current level. Many people in the field of education - teachers, coordinators, principals and district superintendents - have offered helpful thoughts and criticisms to push the project forward. The team at Schoolhouse Systems recognizes that we have been entrusted by these educators to follow through with the project’s transformational goals to the educational field. We look forward to revolutionizing education.